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Website Terms

The terms and conditions set out below ("Site Terms"), when read together with the Terms of Service above, govern your use of the website ("Site"). By using the Site, you must accept and abide by the Site Terms. If you do not accept the Site Terms, you are not permitted to use the Site and you must refrain from using it.

The site is owned and operated by Sellcrowd Technologies Pty Ltd (ACN 620 744 685) (“Sellcrowd”, “us” or “we”).

If you have any complaints or questions regarding the Site or the Site Terms then please contact us at [email protected]

Sellcrowd reserves the right to make changes to these Site Terms which will be effective once they are published on the Site. You should revisit this area of th/e Site regularly to check the terms and conditions.


You must use the Site at all times in accordance with these Site Terms.

Notwithstanding anything else in these Site Terms, we may, in our absolute discretion, refuse you or any other person access to part or all of the Site at any time and for any reason.


Sellcrowd is not an agent for a Sales Contractor, Sales Expert, Salesperson (collectively known as “Salesperson” or “Salespeople”)) or Client.

You understand and agree that: (i) Sellcrowd will not assume any liability with respect to the interactions between Clients and Salespeople, and (ii) the knowledge, opinions or Posted Content of Salespeople or Clients is not ours, and we do not endorse them or any other information provided by any user.

Sellcrowd does not warrant that your use of the Site will be uninterrupted or error free, nor does Sellcrowd warrant that we will review information for accuracy or that we will preserve or maintain the Client’s or Salesperson’s information without loss. To the extent permitted by law, Sellcrowd shall not be liable for delays, interruptions, service failures or other problems inherent in the use of the internet and electronic communications or other systems outside the reasonable control of Sellcrowd.


Salespeople and Clients will have joined upon verifying your account, completing the platform registration and agreeing to these and other relevant terms.

You can participate in the Sellcrowd Services only if you are not restricted from doing so by contractual, fiduciary or other obligations. By joining Sellcrowd, you are representing that you are not restricted from doing so and that you have obtained all necessary approvals.


Clients can post Sales Engagement Briefs and Job Ads on the Sellcrowd platform or otherwise be introduced to Salespeople through Sellcrowd and/or the Sellcrowd platform for Sales Engagements and Job Ads.

Salespeople are free to accept or decline any Engagements or Jobs, provided however, that you may accept only those Engagements & Jobs:

  1. for which you have the requisite knowledge/expertise to deliver and complete the Engagement;
  2. that do not present a conflict of interest or breach any express or implied terms of any contract or of any other obligation legally binding upon you; and
  3. that relate to matters that you are permitted to discuss under applicable law and any obligations you may owe to another party (including contractual, employment, or otherwise).

Salespeople are expected to accept or decline an Engagement and to adhere to any schedule or program you establish with the Client regarding the delivery of the Engagement or Job.


When you sign up, you may be requested to provide your name, email address, work/position title, phone number and information about your company and such other information to enable your registration as either a Client or Salesperson.

Salespeople will be requested to provide further information in relation to your qualifications and professional experience (your "Credentials"). In doing so, you agree that you:

  1. are not impersonating any person or entity;
  2. are not violating any applicable law regarding use of personal or identification information;
  3. are authorised to create an account in the name of the company or organisation or otherwise hold yourself out as having an association with that company or organisation; and
  4. will provide, on demand from Sellcrowd, verification of your Credentials in such form as required by Sellcrowd.

For Salespeople, we may, from time to time, use any of your Credentials to make our own enquiries (either by Sellcrowd or by a third party engaged by us) as to the completeness, accuracy or truthfulness of your Credentials. If we request evidence and you fail to provide it within the time requested, we may suspend or cancel your account (without prejudice to any other remedies we may have). Should we suspect or identify an individual to be inappropriately or unlawfully using any person or company’s identity or the Site in a way that is unlawful or inappropriate, we may without notice to you, disclose that information to any relevant persons or authorities.


6.1 No liability

We do not have, and expressly disclaim, any liability to you in connection with any content, information, text, graphics, images, audio or video, or material created or uploaded to a profile and/or the Site (“Posted Content”). We cannot guarantee, and make no representations in relation to the completeness or accuracy of any Posted Content.

6.2 Content Standards

For all your Posted Content, you warrant and you must ensure that:

  1. it is not misleading, deceptive or materially inaccurate in any way, including in relation to the availability, nature, terms or conditions or any other matter relating to the services being offered or sought;
  2. it does not include any defamatory statements or other illegal material;
  3. you own or are licensed to use the intellectual property rights in your Posted Content. This includes copyright in respect of any text you post, as well as the right to use or display any image or logo;
  4. it is compliant with all applicable laws and licensing requirements;
  5. it does not contain links to any external website, unless we have given our prior written consent.

6.3 Review and Removal of Posted Content

We may remove any Posted Content if we consider, acting reasonably, that you or any other users have breached these Site Terms or if, in our sole discretion, we believe that maintaining the content presents a risk to Sellcrowd’s reputation or business and operations (including the Site).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we do not, nor are we under any obligation or duty to you or anyone else to monitor, consider, evaluate, assess, review, screen, censor or remove any Posted Content. We do not have (and expressly disclaim) any liability in connection with:

  1. any monitoring, consideration, evaluation, assessment, review, screening, censoring or removal of Posted Content or any failure or refusal on our part to do so; or
  2. the deletion, loss, or unauthorised modification of any of your Posted Content.

You are solely responsible for all of your Posted Content and you agree to indemnify us from and against any claims, costs, damage, loss or liability that arise in connection with your Posted Content.

6.4 Use of Posted Content

You may not copy, reproduce, republish, download, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use any Posted Content of another user of the Site for any purpose other than for the purpose for which it has been posted.

We reserve the right to keep the Posted Content on the Site indefinitely unless removed earlier by the relevant user.

6.5 Resume/CV

By subscribing to Premium Packages you gain access to Salespeople’s Resume/CV. You shall not use any information obtained from the Resume, CV and Site except for internal use in selecting and contacting Resume Owners, through Sellcrowd, for purposes of filling your Sales Engagement or Job Ads. You are expressly forbidden from using any product or system intended to extract the information from a Resume/CV, in order to circumvent the Resume/CV contact system. Use of such system will result in your immediate termination from Sellcrowd. In addition, as a feature of the Premium Packages, Sellcrowd may send emails to Salespeople on your behalf indicating that your Sales Engagement or Job Ad is potentially a match for the Salesperson’s Resume/CV.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT: obtaining access to the Premium Package, you are paying Sellcrowd the amount indicated on the Site for the purpose of Sellcrowd facilitating your contact with a Resume/CV Owner by sending a message to the email address that the relevant Resume/CV Owner has provided to Sellcrowd. Your use of details is subject to all Sellcrowd Site Rules and policies, including the Sellcrowd Privacy Policy and any policies pertaining to Relay Services. Sellcrowd does not guarantee that the email address is still in use, that such message will be received, that such message will be read, that such message will be acted upon by any potential Resume/CV Owner, or that any Resume/CV Owner’s resume/CV is valid, accurate or complete in any respect. In addition, in accord with the Agreement, you expressly agree that Sellcrowd does not allow its Resume/CV Contact service to be used in a spam like manner, which Sellcrowd defines as sending requests for job positions to persons who are, as indicated by Sellcrowd experience and Resume/CV Owner’s behavior and reaction, unsuited for the role. Sellcrowd reserves the right to disable Sellcrowd Premium Package service for any user who, in Sellcrowd’s sole discretion, violates these Terms. The only acceptable use of the Premium Package Resume/CV capability is for you to contact a Resume/CV Owner through Sellcrowd regarding a Sales Engagement or Job Ad Listing or potential employment. No other uses are permitted.

Scraping Sellcrowd database or using Sellcrowd database for any other purpose except as allowed will result in legal action being taken against you. Additionally, if you are a competitor of Sellcrowd (including but not limited to any job aggregation website or any job posting websites) you may not use the Sellcrowd database to contact a Salesperson for the purpose of sending them a job offer from your clients without facilitation through Sellcrowd.

In the event phone numbers are provided by the Salesperson in the resume/CV, Sellcrowd does not guarantee their validity and can not confirm whether such numbers are landlines or cell phones. You agree to call Salespeople regarding relevant Sales Engagement and Job opportunities only. It is your sole responsibility to comply with all TCPA guidelines, including laws against automated telephone dialing systems.

Information contained in Salespeople’s resumes/CV’s is self-reported by the Salesperson and is not verified by Sellcrowd.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Site Terms, you must not:

  1. attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any of the software or code comprising or in any way making up a part of the Site including any algorithm used by us;
  2. take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the Site's infrastructure, including spam or other unsolicited mass e-mailing techniques;
  3. use the Site for any objectionable or unlawful purpose, including the posting of any threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, profane or spam material;
  4. use the Site in any manner that would result in you breaching any applicable legislation or licensing obligations (including with respect to privacy) or any obligations you may owe to third parties;
  5. mislead or deceive others through any act or omission or make a false representation about your identity, including the impersonation of a real or fictitious person or using an alternative identity or pseudonym;
  6. post content which contravenes a confidentiality or non disclosure agreement, insider trading laws, or intellectual property rights which you are not authorised to transfer to another party;
  7. conduct any activity which compromises or breaches another party's patent rights, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights;
  8. copy, collect or save information about other users including their skills, employment or education history except as expressly permitted by the Site;
  9. publish advertising material of any kind or market any goods or services directly to other users except as expressly permitted by the Site;
  10. introduce any virus, worm, Trojan horse, malicious code or other program which may damage computers or other computer based equipment to the Site or to other users;
  11. stalk or harass anyone;
  12. attempt to disrupt or interfere with the delivery of our service or the services of our partners and clients;
  13. use the details of other users for anything other than the use expressly permitted by those users;
  14. download, access, use, harvest or download in bulk user details other than to fill vacant positions as contemplated by the Site or as otherwise explicitly permitted by us in writing;
  15. sell, redistribute or use information contained on the Site for a commercial purpose without our prior written consent;
  16. pass on username and/or password information to anyone other than the authorised member/ customer of that account;
  17. remove or alter our copyright notices or other means of identification including any watermarks, as they appear on the services or Site;
  18. provide to any persons who are not authorised users of the Site, any part of the information included in the services or content, except as permitted in these Site Terms; or
  19. distribute or publish any part of the information or content included in the Site on any part of the internet or social media, or other publicly accessible electronic network, or otherwise publish, broadcast or display any such information in public.

You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for compliance with any and all laws, rules, regulations and taxation obligations that may apply to your use of the Site or Sellcrowd Services.


Failure to comply with sections 5 (Registered Information), 6 (Posted Content) and/or 7 (Prohibited Uses) in these Site Terms constitutes a material breach of the Site Terms, and may result in our taking all or any of the following actions:

  1. immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use our Services;
  2. immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any posting or material uploaded by you to our Site;
  3. issuing of a warning to you;
  4. legal action against you including proceedings for reimbursement of all costs (including, but not limited to, reasonable administrative and legal costs) resulting from the breach;
  5. disclosure of such information to law enforcement authorities as we reasonably feel is necessary.

In addition, Sellcrowd reserves the right to suspend your profile or cancel your registration as a Salesperson or Client, at any time, on Sellcrowd forming the view in its absolute discretion that Sellcrowd’s brand, operations (including the Site, any blogs or membership) or business (including its Client’s, partner’s or affiliate’s business) may be adversely affected or harmed as a result of your continued registration as a Salesperson or Client. Upon termination you must cease using the Site.

The responses described in this section are not limited, and we may take any other action we reasonably deem appropriate.


You must keep your username and password ("Login") secure, and you must not disclose those details to any other person. You may not transfer your registration to another person. You are solely responsible for the consequences of any use of your Login by third parties, regardless of whether that use is authorised.

If you believe that your Login is being used by someone else, please contact us immediately at [email protected]

If you have a company registration, you and your employer will be solely responsible for the security of your password. In the case of Clients, you warrant that any single user account username/login or password is not shared by multiple people. Only your employees approved by Sellcrowd who have been issued a Login by us shall be Authorised Users permitted to access the Site and/or Sellcrowd Services. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, your Authorised Users’ Logins may not be used by any Client affiliates, portfolio companies, or other individuals or groups within your company or any third party. Sellcrowd may on 7 days prior written notice, request you certify and provide evidence indicating your compliance with this requirement.


10.1 Our IP

We own or are licensed to use all intellectual property in the Site, with the exception of Posted Content, which shall remain your intellectual property but which you license to us in accordance with the license below. You may not use any of our intellectual property for any purpose other than as may be required to use the Site for its intended purpose.

10.2 Licence to your Posted Content

In relation to Salesperson’s posted content and your use of the Site, you grant to us an unconditional, perpetual, world-wide, irrevocable, fully paid and royalty free licence and right to use, display, copy, modify, adapt, reproduce, commercialise, prepare derivative works, display and publish all such intellectual property and that content forming all or part of the Posted Content, for any purpose, including but not limited to marketing, advertising, connecting and sourcing relevant employment or work opportunities both within the platform and externally and for maintaining and improving the service we provide

In relation to Client’s posted content and your use of the Site you grant to us an unconditional, perpetual, world-wide, irrevocable, fully paid and royalty free licence and right to use, display, copy, modify, adapt, reproduce, commercialise, prepare derivative works, display and publish all such intellectual property and that content forming all or part of the Posted Content, for any purpose, including but not limited to marketing, advertising, connecting and sourcing relevant candidates or workers both within the platform and externally for maintaining and improving the service we provide.

You understand that no compensation in any form shall be due or payable to you in connection with Sellcrowd’s exercise of its rights under the license granted under this Section. To the extent any compensation may be due under applicable law as a result of, or in connection with, Sellcrowd’s exercise of these rights, you hereby waive any and all rights to such compensation.

10.3 Restrictions and indemnity

You may not use or display any trade marks on the Site without first obtaining the consent of the owner of the trade mark. We own the distinctive 'Sellcrowd’ marks, brand and logo.

Nothing on this Site creates any right on your part (express or implied) that would allow you to use or display a trade mark that you do not own, regardless of whether the trade mark is currently registered.

You indemnify us, and agree to keep us indemnified, from and against any claims by third parties arising from your Posted Content, including any breach of intellectual property rights any third party may bring against us, in relation to your content.

10.4 Consent to use logo

You consent to us displaying the name and/or logo of your relevant company or organisation on the Site in the context of the Sellcrowd Services. The name of your company may appear in lists on the Site that are visible to other users (for example in dropdown menus or auto-filling text entry forms). You acknowledge that, if you post content on the Site, the fact that your company or organisation is using the Site does not constitute confidential information and you consent to our use of such content in the manner described above.


Your registration and use of the Site is conditional upon you agreeing and complying with our Privacy Policy. The Site can only provide the intended services to users by using personal information in the manner contemplated in the Privacy Policy, and we may collect, use and disclose your personal information for the purposes described in it.

If you do not agree to us collecting, using or disclosing your personal information in the manner contemplated by these Site Terms and our Privacy Policy, you must not use the Site.

If you intend to post any personal information on the Site that relates to a third party (including their name, email address or phone number), you must obtain their consent before doing so.

We will solicit your feedback to assist us in making improvements to the functioning of the Site. We may also send you emails about our services and opportunities or profiles that may be of interest to you. You may elect not to receive certain types of notifications from us.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to Privacy, please contact us in accordance with the process and procedure set out in the Privacy Policy.


The Site may contain links or portals to other websites. We have no control over websites operated by third parties and you agree that we are not responsible for, and will have no liability in connection with, your access to or use of any third party website.


Except for any express warranties in these Site Terms, all Sellcrowd services are provided “as is”. To the extent permitted by law, Sellcrowd excludes all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability, title, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, or as to the availability, accuracy, completeness, currency or reliability of the information or services, including services of any third party, that are made available via or referred to on the Site.

To the extent permitted by law, Sellcrowd (and its affiliates, officers, employees, agents, representatives and third party service providers) excludes all liabilities (including in contract, for negligence, under statute or otherwise) for any direct loss, indirect or consequential loss, damage, costs or expenses suffered by you or claims made against you in connection with (however caused):

  1. your use of the Site and/or any content on the Site;
  2. any decision made or action taken by you or anyone else in reliance upon any content contained in or omitted from the Site;
  3. any errors in or omissions from the Site, including but not limited to technical inaccuracies and typographical errors;
  4. any lack of availability, interruption, delay in operation, virus, internet access difficulties, or equipment malfunction in relation to the Site; or
  5. any goods or services identified, supplied, offered or advertised on or through the Site.

If any warranties are implied by law that cannot be excluded, then to the maximum extent permitted by law, our liability for breach of such warranties is limited to, at our option:

  1. in the case of products:
    1. the replacement of the products or the supply of equivalent products; or
    2. the payment of the cost of replacing the products or acquiring equivalent products;
  2. in the case of services:
    1. the supply of the services again; or
    2. the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

Important: nothing in these Site Terms limits in any way Sellcrowd’s liability for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude, or attempt to exclude, our liability, including under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), the statutory consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law, or similar laws in the States and Territories of Australia.


To the maximum extent permitted by law, you agree to indemnify and hold Sellcrowd and each of its affiliates, officers, employees, agents, representatives and third party service providers, harmless from any and all claims and liabilities resulting from your breach of these Site Terms or relating to your use of the Site or its use by any person on your behalf. For the purposes of this paragraph “Site” includes any linked sites. Sellcrowd holds the benefit of this indemnity and all other rights under this Agreement as trustee for each person named as benefiting from it.


15.1 Assignment and Subcontracting

Sellcrowd may at any time novate, assign, transfer, mortgage, charge or deal in any other way with these Site Terms (or part thereof) or grant or confer the benefit of any right arising under these Site Terms.

15.2 Severability and Waiver

If a particular term of these Site Terms is not enforceable, it should be modified so as to be enforceable, but regardless will not affect any other terms. Our failure to act upon a breach of these Site Terms does not mean we waive any rights that we may have.

15.3 Amendment

We may modify these Site Terms from time to time by posting the modification(s) or updating these terms and conditions on our website: Unless otherwise specified by us when posted, all modifications will be effective upon posting. If you do not agree to any modification(s), your only recourse will be to cease using or accessing the Site. If you continue to access the Site after any modification becomes effective, then your access will constitute acceptance of such modification.

15.4 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New South Wales, Australia. The parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales.

Pricing & Payments Procedures

Our Pricing & Payments Procedures may be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any material changes by posting the new Pricing & Payments Procedures on the Site. You are advised to consult this document regularly for any changes.

Salesperson & Client Fees

It is free to join Sellcrowd as a Client or a Salesperson. Clients and Salespeople must pay to upgrade their Profiles, Engagement or Job Post and/or use certain premium features that we provide, which are detailed in our Pricing Page.

There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of job postings. Postings recur on a monthly basis and the user is required to update the subscription on a monthly basis for each job post.

Sellcrowd Engagement Related Fees

For Sales Engagements executed through the platform Sellcrowd charges a base rate of 10% on top of a Salesperson's rate and deduct 10% from the Salesperson on payment. Engagement payment includes base, commissions and other bonus payments resulting from the Engagement executed via Sellcrowd.

Sellcrowd is not responsible for any expense reimbursements resulting from an Engagement executed through Sellcrowd platform.

Invoicing & Payments Process

Pricing and payments timeframes/milestones/other performance metrics and requirements are agreed and formalised on the Sellcrowd platform before work begins. The Client and Salesperson will agree whether payments will be made on a variable basis (per minute, shifts, hourly, weekly or monthly) or on a fixed basis (based on deliverables and payments linked to milestones). Please note, all engagements require 50% payment upfront, including estimated commissions where applicable for commission only jobs. Payments will be held in escrow and only released to the relevant Salesperson upon confirmation from the Client and that the Services have been satisfactorily delivered to the Client.

Sellcrowd works with Clients to facilitate prompt payment to Salespeople. We aim to pay within 10 business days after the relevant payment claim was submitted by the Salesperson and approved by Client where possible.

Disputes around quality of work

Clients should let the Salesperson and our team know promptly if expectations aren't being met. Salespeople are responsible for ensuring that Clients' expectations are met in their delivery of Services.

Payment Methods

Client payments can be made through a number of mechanisms such as bank transfers or credit card. Credit card payments are powered by Stripe™ and will attract a 2% processing fee. Our system utilizes industry-leading security measures, so you can feel comfortable that the payment is secure. Clients receive a confirmation and receipt for transactions and records of transactions can be found on the client dashboard.

Salespeoples in Australia can be paid by direct bank deposit or PayPal. Salespeople outside Australia are paid by Bank transfer, Payoneer, or Paypal. Salespeople will incur applicable Bank transfer, Payoneer or PayPal fees for payments received.

Charges are exclusive of all taxes, including VAT. You are responsible for all taxes as applicable and appropriate. You are responsible for paying all taxes and government charges, and reasonable expenses and attorney fees Sellcrowd incurs collecting late amounts.

Community Guidelines

General Guidelines:

As an online community of intelligent and experienced users, we host a variety of diverse opinions. We welcome this diversity, and ask that all of our participants on this forum adhere to these simple guidelines: By using this community forum you acknowledge and agree to be bound by all of Sellcrowd’s Terms and Policies as set out on Sellcrowd’s website: Legal Terms or Privacy, Trust and Security. You must NOT poach work through the use of this forum. Your membership with Sellcrowd will be immediately terminated and we reserve the right to take legal action if you are discovered to be in breach of these guidelines. Discussions on this forum are designed to help you ask questions, obtain further information and discuss the scope of potential work opportunities. If your participation in a discussion on this forum results in the confirmation of a live project, you must use the Sellcrowd platform to post a project through the platform as per your Client or Consultant Terms as applicable.

Questions for Sellcrowd

If you have any questions, or to report any infractions, use the orange chat bubble to connect with a customer service representative at any time. You will find it in the bottom right hand corner of every page on Sellcrowd’s website.

Compliance with these guidelines:

Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may also result in the temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges and your right to use this forum and the Sellcrowd Platform and Services.

While we are devoted to free speech, we reserve the right to remove any content that does not respect these guidelines or that detracts significantly from our users' experience.


Sellcrowd’s Introduction and Non-Solicitation Policy applies to you.

For so long as:

  1. you are registered with Sellcrowd (and for 12 months after any such registration ceases); and/or
  2. engage with a Client or other Hiring Entity made available by Sellcrowd (including by providing information to you regarding a Client or Hiring Entity, enabling you to identify a Client or Hiring Entity or Engagement or otherwise causing a Client or Hiring Entity to be introduced to you)

you must not:

  1. agree to or be employed under any form of contract of employment with the Client or Hiring Entity;
  2. agree to or be engaged as a contractor for the Client or Hiring Entity;
  3. agree to or be retained by the Client or Hiring Entity as a supplier of services which would not otherwise fall within the scope of a Sales Engagement, in any way other than through the Sellcrowd Services. This applies whether or not you already knew the Client or Hiring; or
  4. approach, solicit, induce, entice, offer to perform services, consult with, or otherwise be engaged for reward (directly or indirectly), with a Client or Hiring Entity introduced to you by Sellcrowd, in any other way other than through the Sellcrowd Services.

These obligations apply whether or not you already knew or had a previous relationship with the Client or Hiring Entity.

This means that you must use the Sellcrowd Services as your exclusive method to engage with that Client or Hiring Entity unless Sellcrowd agrees otherwise (in writing) and Sellcrowd is paid the Introduction Fee as provided for in the Introduction Fee Policy (or as otherwise agreed in writing between Sellcrowd and the Client/Hiring Entity).

You must immediately upon being engaged, contracted or retained by the Client or Consultant in a manner contemplated above notify Sellcrowd in writing.

Any breach of your Non-Solicitation obligations will result in your termination of membership with Sellcrowd and we reserve the right to take legal action.

With the global nature of the Services and the high calibre of Sales Engagement opportunities for Clients and Hiring Entities, you accept and acknowledge that these obligations are reasonable in every respect.

Further, we need not suffer or prove any demonstrated loss before enforcing our rights under these provisions should you fail to comply with our Guidelines.

Inappropriate content:

While Sellcrowd maintains a relatively open forum, this is a professional site devoted to professional services. So please, while a certain amount of passion, colorful language and even hyperbole is permissible, do not engage in name-calling, threats, harassment, lewdness, or displays of bigotry.

Questions for Clients / Hiring Entities:

Please ask questions directly related to your professional concern. The best questions are brief and to the point. Do not post spam or irrelevant content.

Answers from Clients/Hiring Entities:

Answering questions is a great way to help people get oriented toward solving their problems, and to display your professional acumen. But remember: quality is better than quantity, and those asking questions aren’t looking for a sales pitch. Do not simply post the statement "I Agree" in the answers and comments without any other information.

Safety first:

When posting questions, response or replies, don't give out any personal information such as home or email addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, etc.


Please do not directly solicit Clients or Hiring Entities as part of an answer, disclaimer, guide, or peer endorsement. Examples of direct solicitations are language such as "call me, contact me, go to my website for further information, etc."

Similarly, do not add contact information or links to your website in answers or answer disclaimers. Such information will be removed.

A link to your profile is displayed next to each of your postings, so contact information is already available to readers who wish to contact you. Please ensure that your information is up to date.

We reserve the right to remove or modify User Content for any reason, including User Content that we believe violates these Guidelines or any of Sellcrowd’s Terms & Conditions or policies.

When you post User Content to this community forum, you give Sellcrowd and its affiliates a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and fully sub licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display such User Content throughout the world in any media.

To the extent such content is attached to a profile on the Sellcrowd platform, the foregoing license includes a right to reproduce your profile, and any name, likeness or photograph contained in such profile.

If you submit feedback or suggestions about our Services, we may use your feedback or suggestions without obligation to you.

Sellcrowd’s disclaimer:

While Sellcrowd strives to provide—and to allow its Salespeople and clients to provide—useful information regarding consultations and professional services, there are some things that Sellcrowd cannot guarantee.

You acknowledge that this forum consists of third party data and contributions, that there are certain inherent limitations to the accuracy or currency of such information, information may be incomplete, may contain inaccuracies, or may be based on opinion.




Sellcrowd’s limitation of liability: