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Varun J.

Member since February 25, 2020
Closer Business Development Manager Networker Sales Strategist

Using Stories To Connect With Customers

  • Indore, India
  • Max availability: 40 hours per week

May Not Know Magic, But I Can Help You With My Decade Worth Of Experience In Solving Business Problems πŸ™ƒ

WHO AM I? πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

Ever since I was a child,
Complications always attracted me, I always love to simplify them for everyone πŸ€—

I would see a problem, I would try to identify the root cause and eradicate or treat it at the root

As a result, Physics & Mathematics became my favourite subject.

I just loved visualising the problems, looking them through a magnifying glass and find the simplest route from source to destination.

Time moved forward, I grew up and my love for Logics and Permutations grew with it πŸ€—


Being from a business family I got exposure to selling Autoparts, General Kirana, Home Utensils, Clothes, Stationary, Tobacco Bidi and a variety of other things 🀠

Time moved forward and I became a Software Developer

I loved programming and not just in terms of reaching the result but in terms of finding the most efficient and easiest, reliable way of reaching there

And that is what we offer as Business.
Simplifying complicated problems for businesses to help them grow faster in a sustainable, reliable model.

For instance, We developed an ERP solution for one of our client Oorja that Helped them convert a five-step process to a two-step process saving a lot of time and human resource for the operations

or How We developed and promoted JustSMS to become India’s Most Downloaded SMS App

And many more…

How We Can Help You and Your Business?

βœ… We will help you convert your Idea into a profitable business.

βœ… We will provide you required consultancy to understand and implement the business model.

βœ… We will develop the required technology solutions for you. Web Applications, Mobile Applications, ERP and all types of custom applications required to make your business operations simpler and easier to operate.

βœ… We will help you market your products and services and make you and your business reach a much wider audience.

We simply make life easier for businesses πŸ€—

Do you have a problem you want a solution to?
Feel free to reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help you.

Apart from our professional business offerings,
I am also a host for #linkedinLocal, #zercoder, #mashupcorner
Non Profit Communities to help Startups grow, connect and collaborate




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