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Tatjana K.

Member since December 3, 2019
Sales Manager Telesales Sales Development Representative Sales Coach Inside Sales

Telemarketing, Telesales/CC Specialist

  • Podgorica, Croatia
  • Max availability: 20 hours per week

I have years of practice in setting up businesses, creating strategies and developing channels as well as promotional and marketing activities. Some of the tasks I was conducted were:

– Telesales project idea, preparation & execution, research prices, and market;
– Launching and leading new sales channel – Telesales channel;
– Establishing a Cold Call procedure and working as an appointment setter at the beginning;
– Projects assistant and business development;
– Preparation of all necessary documentation (legal and financial documents,
contracts, different statistical reports);
– Create and run an online job, homework and remote jobs;
– Planning, selection, training, placement major KPI’s;
– Preparation and organization training, workshops, seminars, events;
– Development of analysis (qualitative and quantitative);
– Projecting the vision of the three-year improvement (plan A and „contingency plan“);
– Preparation and monitoring Budget Telenor Direct;
– Development of a marketing plan for a period of 12 months;
– Work on Startup and opening new offices.

– Three times Telesales CC sales were over 100% in one year. Maximum 190%
– In one year Sales achievement was 80% on average – January not included
– Outsourcing Center cost savings by negotiations – 30%
– Run Outbound Campaign to 8% of Total Postpaid Sales share in one month
– Idea and execution of First Preschool kids book for learning letters »Bukvar«
– Presenting Publisher »Dalamber« on Belgrade Children’s Fair (their first Fair presentation) with 4 new picture books and one »Bukvar«
– Three projects proposals (my own idea) for Montenegrin Bureau of Metrology;
– Marketing plan for 2017 for Montenegrin Bureau of Metrology (their first Marketing plan).

I am a very persistent and ambitious person with high professional etic.




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Industry Experience

Recruitment1 Years+
Wholesale trade3 Years
Retail trade5 Years+
Marketing1 Years+
Mobile5 Years+