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Tarek H.

Member since September 30, 2019
Closer Business Development Manager Field Sales Rep Sales Consultant Sales Hustler

Expert Hunter/GoGetter

  • Houston, United States
  • Max availability: 10 hours per week

I have over 20 years of professional outside sales experience.

I believe that there are true hunters out there and there are non true hunters out there. I am a true hunter.
I excel in finding new opportunities all the time.

In fact the things that past managers have said about me are:

1. “I don’t know how you do it, but you always find a way to get in to these companies”
2. “You’re always so positive!”
3. “Your sales skills are very impressive, keep doing what you are doing”
4. “You have that friendly personality that clients like to work with”
5. “Clients just like and trust you”
6. “You’re aggressive and I always appreicated that about you”

Also, some more interesting information:

1. I was in the cell tower purchasing industry. It was tough because we were buying revenue assets from landlords. They usually had no reason to sell to us and we had to find creative ways to create a win-win situation. I would have to put out 25 proposals just to close one deal. I was averaging 2 deals a month to purchase these cell towers. Hardest sell I ever had to do. Most sales people hired were fired or quit wtihin 6 months time. I lasted in the industry for years, with the executives taking me with them to their startups.
2. I am consistently top 5% in terms of sales and relationships I bring in for every company I have worked for.
3. I grew very fast at Plantronics and made a name for myself as being a hunter, likeable, very aggressive, and great with clients.
4. I was voted top salesperson of the year for 2018 at Sennheiser last year for my bringing in the most revenue out of the entire North American sales team. There were only three awards given for 300 people. One for North America (me), one for Asia, and one for Europe.
5. I started my own businesses twice and I understand what it takes to grind to get in business in tough situations.
6. My main strengths are my relationship focus, my people skills, and my sales drive. My goal is to be a top performer for you.
7. I am strategic and I try to find a way to create a win-win relationship with clients.
8. I was voted “friendliest guy” of my high school class out of 600 people in 1993, which has helped with my sales career of course.

Why I am applying with you: Of course, I want an uncapped opportunity where my growth is unlimited by providing you with the value I know I can.




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