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Marty F.

Member since September 27, 2019
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  • Setauket, United States
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I have achieved success in sales and technology. I am a well known and trusted technology entrepreneur, sales expert and corporate leader.

I am interested in helping a technology company grow through relationship building, qualified B2B appointment setting, inside sales, inbound lead generation and NY conference and tradeshow recruitment.

In addition to my large professional network I enjoy hunting & prospecting and I have been very successful at it. In one instance I helped a two-person tech company grow from $50k revenue to $10 million plus and subsequently to $41 million and an acquisition by Corel. In another instance I developed a search engine, generated $1,000,000+ in free publicity through guerrilla marketing and sold the asset to a larger tech company.

Many of my personal relationships are with B2B technology, financial, logistic & and other companies. It is also easy for me to open doors to companies that I do not have relationships with due to my credibility in the technology an business worlds. I have also written 14 tech/business books that open many doors for me at the decision-maker level.

Recently one of those tech companies asked me to be the keynote speaker at the NY Marriott Marquis on Digital Transformation to 78 C and director level decision-makers. It was a great event. The hosting company gave each attendee an autographed copy of my most recent book, Digital Transformation Success Secrets.

I have also written highly circulated whitepapers and recently was the guest speaker on a webinar for a popular technology magazine along with Forrester Research that drew over 600 attendees. All of this can lead to access to decision-makers at a high level and can open the door for you.

I look forward to learning more about you, your company and how I can help you grow!

Best regards,
Marty F

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