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Joseph B.

Member since November 20, 2019
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Business Development Manager Account Manager Sales Manager Sales Strategist Sales Script Architect

Versatile Sales Leader

  • San Francisco, United States
  • Max availability: 40 hours per week

I have great experience as either a founder or sales executive in 6 SaaS startups. I have built successful sales teams at three and those companies continue to grow today. I’ve worked extensively with Salesforce, CRM platforms and customer journey applications.

I have an engineering education and have sold highly technical polymers, chemicals and metals. As a result of these roles I worked in downstream markets like packaging and industrial applications.

While I would prefer to work with a new or inexperienced sales team, I am comfortable as an individual contributor. My deep experience in all parts of a technology business can help chaotic or high growth situations.

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Industry Experience

SAAS5 Years+
Software development5 Years+
Financial services5 Years+
Health3 Years
Mobile3 Years
Retail trade4 Years
Manufacturing5 Years+