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Jay Y.

Member since December 18, 2019
Customer Success Representatives Networker Account Manager

Expert Networker & Customer Success

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Max availability: 15 hours per week

I love to empower people, it has been in my DNA since birth, encouraging my friends to overcome their self-imposed limitations. Over the years, I have become a tech-savvy, customer-centric, autodidactic, empathetic professional with a Growth Mindset that helps customers to unlock and maximize the value they can attain from whatever product they use.

From being a tutor to a customer-facing professional, I am privileged to have served in various roles throughout my journey, first as an intern in an Executive Coaching institution. Since then, I have ventured into franchise operations and customer relationships management; digital marketing, technical support, and product coaching in the Education and EdTech industries.

Fortunately, my desire to build a career in Customer Success Management has started in StoreHub, a Malaysian-grown SaaS company providing Cloud-based POS systems to Small-Medium Businesses in SEA. My customers’ success stories are still in the making, so stay tuned!

Today, rapid tech growth and change are a constant, we are seeing intelligent AI-as-a-Service already powering some businesses. My goal is to build and lead a strong Customer Success operations team powered by automation/AI achieving a high customer retention rate and high feature adoption rate in whatever SaaS/XaaS industry given to me.

Industry Knowledge:
Cloud POS System, Retail and F&B Industry | EdTech | IT Distribution | B2B SaaS | B2C SaaS | Franchise Business Management | Digital Marketing | Cloud Computing

My Skillset:
Customer Relationship Management | Customer Service | Customer Engagement & Feedback Analysis | Data Analysis | Market Research & Analysis | Marketing Strategy | Account Management | Product Training & Coaching | Customer Success Management | Adoption & Onboarding




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Industry Experience

Educational services4 Years
SAAS1 Years+
I.T.1 Years+