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Francesca B.

Member since January 6, 2020
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Sales hustler

  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Max availability: 15 hours per week

Hi there!

I’m currently travelling and wanting to pick up work and strengthen my sales skills. I have a strong foundation in sales and customer service from 8 years experience in Hospitality and 2 years in retail. In these positions I was able to develop the ability to upsell and build a rapport with customers.

I have been travelling for one year during which I have been able to strengthen my ability to negotiate and adapt. From spending extended periods of time in countries where the predominant spoken language is not English, I have really learned how to be patient, empathetic and clear in my communication.

I am a determined and hard working individual who loves talking to people. I believe that the most important part in making a sale is forming a connection with the client. I think that building a rapport and finding shared interests helps build trust and allows for more organic transactions.

And a little bit about me: I love being out of doors and trying new sports and activities. This past year I have taken up scuba diving and surfing, and walked 800km across Spain.




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Retail trade2 Years
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