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I was born and educated in Zagreb, Croatia and a resident in the UK since 201 5.for details see my CV. I presume you are more interested in what I’ve done and how so here’s a brief overview of my experience, with examples;

Sales development and management

In addition to my technical background of applied Physics and IT, I have worked in pre-sales, sales and customer support for years, managing and developing teams and territories.

Between 1994 and 2003, I was Managing or Sales Director and owner or shareholder of different Companies focused on sales, products distribution and software development and sales of technical products, solutions in IT and electronics.
My primary focus was on hiring, training and managing sales teams. At the peak of the sales activities, I was managing 70+ salespeople in 5 branch offices in 2 countries.
The war in the Balkans area shifted my career focus on more technical roles, often with international companies.

Strategic business development

A more than a decade ago, at InCypher and later at Sybase (⇒ CV) I worked on strategic business development on a group of countries.

In 2007, I helped Mikrotrend (Croatian embedded technology and electro-motors’ diagnostic sensors manufacturing company) enter the international market by reworking demonstrations and using the modified presentations at an international Hydro-energy related trade fair leading to new international clients. 8 years later (In 2015), the company hired me again to find new distributors in China. I left China after a week spent there with a new distributor contract (With DoPower of Beijing).

When I arrived in the UK in 2015, I was initially focused on market and strategic partnerships’ development for two Croatian IT Companies (Maidea and BrightCore).

Later or, while in the UK, I acted as a consultant to Hunt Revenue on developing business proposals of the Company in South-East Europe. We designed a new service that opened profitable channels in working with the IT and High-Tech companies.

At my first UK role as an employee for Mondaq, Bristol, as a Head of the EU Content partnership development I was responsible for extending the network of EMEA law firms using Mondaq content publishing and usage analysis services in Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia.
I was working independently on scheduling my activities and organizing my trips to visit existing and prospective clients (Law Firms but also Financial Consulting firms) and demonstrate the benefits of using Mondaq legal publishing and content use monitoring, analysis and reporting services based on machine learning.

Technical solutions development and support

At Boxarr/Bristol, UK, I was hired for my technical knowledge and was working as a pre-sale and post-sale Solutions Engineer providing remote support to some foreign Defence and Navy clients. I consulted on Boxarr software platform, including telephone and in-person pre and post-sales support. In addition to that, I prepared text documents to support problem resolution, created training materials and manuals and delivered training on-site with clients.

As a consultant at MyOxygen/Bristol, UK, I helped the Company diversify into the IIoT and enter new Partnerships in the industrial IoT software development. (Siemens MindSphere; BrightCore Edge device OS and platform).

I have currently been working on a contract with Audio note UK as a Technical Data Creator on a Project of manufacturing process documentation and my responsibilities currently include recording the manufacturing workflow and the documents related to each step and stage or production and documenting all Bill-of-Materials documents for all products and all stages.

Management consulting and project management

Prior to coming to the UK, I worked on several projects as a consultant. Please refer to the attached documents and my CV for details.
To mention one;
In 2008-9, I was hired by Triglav Insurance, a major regional insurance company (Headquartered in Slovenia), to evaluate the bespoke CRM application tender applications presented to the decision-making Board. Based on the work done, Triglav hired me as a corporate Project Manager to handle interactions and mediate between the Triglav Management, Stakeholders related to the CRM project within the Company, Triglav IT department (resistive to the changes implemented) and The Asseco Group Logos Software development company that had won the tender. The project lasted for 12 months and was completed successfully.

In general,

I communicate with all levels in corporate structures well – from engineers and developers to business users and the Management, being familiar with the way a business operates regarding setting and achieving goals, managing requirements, activities and working out optimal procedures.

For the last 20 years, I have been self-motivated, able to work off my own initiative and generate or influence the “Partnerships / Product / People development. In my approach, I strive to proactively contribute and create measurable business value learning quickly, adapting but seeking improvements in anything I do,

The education and the background that I have, combined with business psychology skills sales and training experience, help me to better understand problems and “bottlenecks” – and work out the solutions.

Speaking English fluently, native Croatian and advanced Slovenian, I can understand Bulgarian, Slovakian and a bit less of Polish, Czech, Italian, German and Russian (Can read Cyrillic).

I am an EU citizen, but I also have the Blue Certificate of Employment in the UK, as a highly skilled professional, allowing me to work for any employer regardless of the UK status in the EU.
I am also open to possible relocation.

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