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Corey J

Member since June 18, 2019
Sales Consultant Business Development Manager Account Executive Sales Manager

Sales Gun with 10 years experience

  • Australia

Spent the last 10 years in all types of sales roles from cold calling to business development to running a global sports gaming business, went on to pitching and signing partnership deals with the likes of ESPN and Fox Sports. End to end sales professional who gets results. Can work up to 20 hours a week currently, Unless a full time position suits what I am looking for.

– Consultative Sales or Cold Calling
– B2B or B2C
– C-Level Executive Deal Flow

Interested in looking at businesses entering the growth phase, looking to expand globally or into international markets.
Have worked with over 10 companies going through the start up through to growth stages.




Monthly Rate for 10hrs/week




Years of Sales Exp.

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Industry Experience

Finance5 Years+
Healthcare3 Years
I.T.2 Years
Internet5 Years+
Leisure and hospitality2 Years
Manufacturing3 Years
Marketing4 Years
Mobile3 Years
Professional services2 Years
Property development4 Years
Real estate5 Years+
Recruitment3 Years
Retail trade1 Years+
SAAS4 Years
Software development2 Years
Transportation3 Years
Utilities1 Years+
Wholesale trade2 Years