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Brendon R.

Member since October 17, 2019
Account Manager Business Development Manager Field Sales Rep Sales Development Representative Sales Strategist

Experienced Sales Associate

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Max availability: 40 hours per week

• Very comfortable performing face to face sales and delivering sales presentations, with experience closing over $3 000 000 in equipment revenue at VWR International
• Comprehensive knowledge in areas such as Product Management, Marketing, Sales, and Accounting gained through 4+ years of relevant work experience
• Experience bringing a new Software Product into market at Hutility, managing all marketing and sales efforts as Marketing Director, leading to increased company revenue
• 2+ years of experience using marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, Adobe Illustrator & Salesforce
• Led all marketing efforts for Hutility Software and Glava.ca, with full responsibility for building company websites, positioning products using competitive research, and implementing multiple advertisement campaigns
• Experience building 3 Professional Websites from scratch at Hutility Software and Glava, utilizing HTML/CSS & SEO techniques to drive online sales




Monthly Rate for 40hrs/week




Years of Sales Exp.

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Industry Experience

Health2 Years
SEO2 Years
SAAS2 Years