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Becky Z.

Member since October 3, 2019
Sales Strategist Sales Script Architect Cold Emailer Networker Sales Hustler

Digital Sales Content Producer, Social Media Expert & Influencer (BuzzFeed)

  • los angeles, United States
  • Max availability: 40 hours per week

I am a content creator who has built up or promoted multiple brands and entertainment companies through video and other media. Through my experience as an on-screen influencer and YouTuber for huge media companies like BuzzFeed, I have learned how to sell messages and products.

I have created Instagram campaigns and Facebook ads for many brands and have extensive knowledge of targeting, re-marketing and classic sales techniques like scarcity and up-selling.

I am very persuasive, amiable and great with people so I feel my experience creating video for sales and specific audiences can transfer excellently into direct sales!




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Marketing2 Years
Internet5 Years+