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Akansh G.

Member since January 12, 2020
Closer Cold Caller Appointment Setter

High Ticket Closer

  • Chandigarh, India
  • Max availability: 50 hours per week

I help Coaches, Consultants, Service Professionals, and Businesses to close more “High Ticket” offers over the phone calls.

Closing is all about asking the right questions at the right time with perfect tonality. I get on the phone with the prospects and connect with them on a personal level, understand their needs, find their pains and explore their dreams and bring them to light to discover if your product or service meets their needs.

People look at past sales experiences and that’s 100% fine. However, I do not believe in that. Every conversation in our daily life has someone who sells their ideas to others. So, I believe in results because the experience is not going to increase the bottom line, I am going to increase the bottom line.




Monthly Rate for 50hrs/week




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