Travis B. Passionate People Person

  • US United States
Hourly Rate

Sales Achievements

  • Built a blue collar company to $250k a year - May, 2006

  • One of the highest food & beverage sales, and tipped bartender - Aug, 2017

  • Top Monthly producer- insurance lead generation - Dec, 2018

  • Top quarterly producer- insurance lead generation - Jun, 2019

About Me

Hello, thank you for your consideration. I am a well-rounded individual with ample life experience. My people skills, passion, and determination are unmatched. Almost all of my job positions has ended in some type of management or leadership, as I like to lead by example. My favorite trait would be my work ethic, as it allows me to learn anything. I take mistakes and turn them into lessons. This has allowed me to become a very quick learner, and helps me to adapt to almost any situation. When a mistake is made, or something goes wrong, I immediately look at possible solutions, and then immediately into preventive care. I like to work smart AND hard.