Romaine P. Expert Sales Consultant

  • JM Jamaica
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With over 5 years of experience in sales and customer service, I have developed exponential negotiation and persuasive skills. I approach sales with a systematic process of constructing a 1-2 pages long argument tree, which I then further refine to deliver my arguments in a way that's indirect, yet convincing (differentiating it from a regular sales pitch). My Top Achievements Include: •A consistent 90% conversion rate at Caldemaine Construction(top best performing Sales Associate). •A consistent 40% conversion rate at (One of the top best performing lead generation executive) •Assisted over 7,000 customers during my tenure & met fortnightly goals at Sutherland Global Services(top 3 customer service consultants out of a team of 20). •Successfully increased annual sales at Caldemaine Construction by 15% through my advanced customer referrals system and the creation of customer evangelists.