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+ 25 years in corporate sales and business development on CXO level. Closing deals is what makes my heart beat! Expert closer, negotiator, hunter: New-biz / Retention / Win-back. My most recent clients are international business chambers in Thailand, developing their media channels, member base, sponsors, etc, often regional companies. Experienced business manager, with my company in Thailand and Denmark. Thorough experience with contracts, recruitment of staff and freelancers. Expert sales coach, also from remote. Enjoy assisting a colleague in closing a difficult deal. Expert in remote sales, and can handle most sales by phone or video calls. Enjoy meeting with clients as well. Highly trustworthy and trusted by customers and clients. Always exceeding expectations. Being accountable matters to me. -Methodical, analytical, strategic mindset: Business plans, budgeting, forecasting, market analysis, and creative business development. OKR and KPIs are part of my toolbox -IT savvy: SOME, email campaigns, SaaS, CRMs, Google/MS suites, etc. Open for relocation or extensive traveling.