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Ex-Medical School Student turned Oil & Gas Sales Executive....Turned Science-Based Sales® Analyst! Passion and diligence are a mirror reflection of who I am. You can not reach your peak work performance without the desire to learn and drive to strive. I celebrate my success and I wholeheartedly accept my failures, learn my lessons, stand up and continue to grow. With a constant passion for learning, I am intrigued to grow my career in the technology industry! The SaaS world has become an essential part of how modern businesses operate around the world. Career growth is limitless. Within the first few years, I foresee advancement to an Account Executive (AE) role after 6-24 months as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). When I am not working, I am an all natural Fitness Junkie, World Traveler, Cinephile....flying country to country spreading my love for films and healthy living!! Think we should work together? Send me a message! I’d love to hear from you! “LEARNING IS NOT ATTAINED BY CHANCE, IT MUST BE SOUGHT FOR WITH ARDOR AND ATTENDED TO WITH DILIGENCE.” ―ABIGAIL ADAMS