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I Help Companies like You Increase There Response Rate, So That You are not wasting money On Mailers that Simply do not Work. Clients are demanding that salespeople understand their business and the only way to do that is to UNDERSTAND their business metrics (e.g., TCO, ROI, BE, KPIs, etc). As a salesperson or manager you need to learn the LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS if you want clients to take you seriously. If you're selling high-end items to businesses, demonstrating an understanding of business metrics will increase YOUR credibility, trust and ability to close more deals. Keeping the pipeline full is one of the toughest challenges every salesperson faces today in the world of selling. I learned how to use the Predictable Prospecting System to make sure you always have a portfolio of new potential clients in your sales pipeline. Learn to use the 6x6x6x6x6 system to go after new business. Learned what tools you'll need to keep track of potential clients and what Key Performance Indicators you need to track to make sure you're maximizing your time.