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John B. End-to-End Financial Systems Consultant

  • US United States
Hourly Rate

Sales Achievements

  • Assisted in providing lease accounting software solutions to the Customer Success Team and the Lease Accounting for 30+ Fortune 500 Companies - May, 2020

  • Founding Father of the Center of Excellence where I provided accounting systems webinars for 80+ Fortune 500 companies, produced ideas to ensure customer retention through Customer Service, and assisted in up-selling the product as well as provide enhancements to the product team - May, 2020 - May, 2020

  • Provided on-site demos of products to potential customers when certain sales executives asked for assistance or solutions engineers were unavailable - Sep, 2019

  • Came in First Place in Company's "Hackathon" for providing an idea that encompassed sales, development, implementation, and success with the customer - Jun, 2019

About Me

Hello, my name is JP and I am posses an MBA with an Accounting background along with a wide. variety of accounting and software knowledge. I have fworked rom a small public accounting firm handling tax, audit, and IT roles to a specialized Lease Accounting Software Consultant for a major ERP. I possess a diverse palette of experiences and talents that I can help utilize in selling products as I have been on both sides of the coin; a customer using a product and an owner supporting the product. The products, while always accounting related, I believe are not integral to the work I pursue here and serve more to demonstrate my abilities to understand logic, technical concepts, and essential the language of business that I can apply to almost any other software.