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I'm a sales guy based in Orange County, California. I am an entrepreneur who specializes in creative production, branding, and paid acquisition for marketing food brands and tech startups. I completed my MBA at Santa Clara University in March 2019, while working on Dish Crawl full-time. Dish Crawl is a creative production agency for food brands. I’ve impacted local businesses and restaurant groups through analyzing their respective audiences and creating cohesive messaging and creatives for each brand. I believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful vehicle to create change in the world. I've learned a lot about the concept of grit through the simultaneous ups and downs of it all. My background in Psychology provided me with a unique approach to understanding customers and my background in MBA with a major in Entrepreneurship provided me with the business acumen and tools to create systems at scale to drive marketing strategy and create brands that resonate with people. Over the past 4 years at Dish Crawl, I’ve acquired many clients within the food & beverage and tech. I led brand strategy for our portfolio of brands working closely with many food entrepreneurs and CMOs to create messaging that resonates with their target audiences. As a side hustle, I do a lot of food photography and have created photography for thousands of restaurants in California.