Charmaine W. Sales & Marketing Entrepreneur

  • MX Mexico
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I understand how freelance and remote work are changing the way companies hire talent, and I am able to communicate it effectively to potential clients. I know how to proactively manage client relationships, and ensure high platform usage with an incredible experience. I'm a trusted advisor for people in the client’s organization. I understand each client’s unique needs, and how to develop creative solutions based on freelance and remote talent. I effectively communicate monthly progress on ongoing initiatives with my internal team. I know how to identify growth opportunities within clients and work alongside a Sales Team to pursue them. I am able to consistently deliver results and help design Customer Success strategies. I have great English skills and perfect verbal and written etiquette with at least three years of experience in Sales. I am knowledgable about digital projects. I am experienced in working for a growing startup because I'm a current business owner. I specialize in working with companies to help grow their brand, market, and manage their sales goals.