Website Design & Development Sales Role

  • $35.00 /Hour
  • 5 Hours /Week
  • $700.00 /Month

Job Description

We are a boutique web design & development company who create completely custom designed & developed websites for a range of industries from large to small. Our favourite types of clients that we like to work with are:

  • Not for Profits
  • Charities
  • Social Enterprises
  • eCommerce
  • Businesses aimed at Sustainability & Giving Back
  • Craft Breweries & Wineries

We are looking for someone to join our team. As we’ve never had a salesperson work with us before, our budget is starting small while we figure out what works and what doesn’t, but we hope to increase this up to a couple of days per week.

I’ll be compiling a list of prospective businesses who I think we can help over the next couple of weeks, and I would like to use this to target some direct outreach through various methods such as: LinkedIn, Cold Calling & Cold Emailing.

From here we’d like to book sales calls which ideally the hired salesperson would take. They then follow a sales matrix inspired by Kerwin Rae where we identify if we can help them or not. I’ll be developing a detailed price-list to support the salesperson in closing the sale ready for onboarding.

I’ve categorised this role as closing, but the role also includes:

  • Cold outreach
  • Sales calls
  • Closing

Ideally the salesperson we work with has the following qualities:

  • Friendly demeanour
  • Emphasis on helping rather than selling
  • Knowledge in technology, particularly in marketing or design
  • A positive attitude
  • Organised  (We will be booking calls with prospective customers, so the salesperson will need to be diligent with their own time and the time of the customer)

Looking forward to having a chat with you!
Please feel free to reach out with any specific questions.

Average sale worth: $4500 one-off sale
Commission: $150 per sale

Work Location Options

Languages Required

Industry Experience Required

Sales Skills Required