Sales for Innovative Digital Platform

  • $25.00 /Hour
  • 10 Hours /Week
  • $1,000.00 /Month

Job Description

Hourly rate plus TRAILING commission opportunity for the right candidate to is looking to build a sustainable recurring revenue over the next 6-12 months. The role will start part time, with potential to grow into full time for the right candidate.

 High-quality resources to help you smash your targets including:

- Infusionsoft CRM – Sales pipeline, dashboard, lead scoring, tagging and automated EDM’s.

- Client case studies.

- Testimonial videos from customers.

- Live software sandbox to demonstrate the JO outsourcing platform to prospective customers and advertising agencies

- Proven Presentations slide decks.

- Shopping cart with preset pricing packages and custom packages can be created if required.

- Pricing calculators to quickly calculate pricing for customers

- Online needs analysis form to quickly and easily identify the customer's needs.

- 24/7 Online support desk with a detailed knowledge base for your customers, which steps out every action on the JO platform.

- Full-time sales director who can assist to close and manage larger or key account sales opportunities, either face to face or via Zoom.

- Fully developed software application with 24/7 customer dashboard (trading for 4 years) with an online shopping cart. Ability to process sales and onboard customers yourself in minutes to provide an amazing customer experience.

- Check in with customers and retain and grow their account as their requirements increase each month/quarter.

The opportunity:

This role is designed for those outstanding candidates who are eager to excel and are driven to exceed expectations and want to be surrounded by Australia’s top 5% of pre-vetted digital marketers.

As a digital Telesales consultant, you will create and close new business opportunities via a targeted and scientific approach to selling. In addition to building your own book of customers, you will contact and arrange appointments with for our sales director to expand the JO key account client portfolio.

The booking of appointments will be direct with companies who are suited to the JO solution and contacting major advertising agencies to introduce the JO concept enabling them to white label the JO range of services.

Key accountabilities:

·        Self-sourcing leads and securing new business opportunities

·        Contacting major advertising agencies in Australia to create a free JO account, register them on the platform and then provide a demonstration of how it works

·        Ensuring that clients understand all aspects of JO platform, products, and processes.

·        Grow your existing client base by cross and upselling additional products and services

The right person will have:

·        At least 12 months experience in an outbound Tele sales role

·        Have a solid understanding of the digital marketing industry

·        Excellent communication, relationship building and interpersonal skills

·        A positive attitude, with an unyielding passion for success

Why join JO?

JO is a Simple, Innovative Approach to Digital Marketing helping entrepreneurs and marketing departments grow their business by hiring the world’s top digital strategists.

Our needs-based packages connect business owners with a savvy, skilled and specialised group of global digital marketers.

Jobs Outsourced is an innovative cloud based digital marketing platform based in Australia. JO provides a medium that helps businesses grow by connecting them with digital marketing services. The easy to use dashboard allows businesses to browse and select a monthly package that best suits their needs. From SEM, SEO and email marketing to social media and strategy, JO has it covered.

JO has built a network of skilled digital marketing professionals who understand what drives success in a campaign. We're proud of what we've achieved with our platform and it's been rewarding to help businesses achieve their marketing goals without the headache and cost of hiring in-house. We are now looking to build our A team of telesales professional across Australia, and we want to hear from you.

Our Vision

To make a positive impact on the global business economy by making digital marketing for businesses easy.

Our Mission

To empower businesses to achieve digital marketing excellence that helps grow their business and achieve their vision.

Our Purpose

To provide a safe and secure platform that connects top performing digital specialists with the world to create meaningful connections that help both parties thrive.

Our Core Values:

They are more than just corporate buzzwords. Our seven core values are the heart of the JO culture. They guide us daily as we work to transform how businesses succeed.

‘Raise the Standard’

We set high standards and constantly challenge ourselves to exceed them.

‘Massive Impact’

To create a noticeable and positive impact on our customer's business.

‘Add a Little Extra’

We do a little more than we are paid for to make an investment in our customers future.

‘Whatever works’

we’re open to ideas that work. Regardless of where or who they come from.


We're all human. If something goes wrong, we'll tell you how and do all we can to correct it.

‘Team First’

The key to our success is from the relationships we've built. We treat each other like family, and this helps us serve our customers like no one else can.

‘We do what we say we will’

We provide realistic solutions with clear expectations. We're accountable for our actions, personal goals and development.

Average sale worth: $5500 per month
Commission: $75 per sale

Work Location Options

Languages Required

Industry Experience Required

Sales Skills Required