Need an Amazing Sales Rep

  • $38.00 /Hour
  • 20 Hours /Week
  • $3,200.00 /Month

Job Description

Looking for experienced Telesales experts (ideally with B2B experience) to sell an established online marketing related service into the Australian market as well as potentially North America (secondary requirement). 

Looking for a self sustaining individual who can identify and pursue their own opportunities. We have a clear idea on our ideal target market. While we are looking for individuals who are self sufficient enough to be able to build their own pipeline we will provide extensive training around the product and how it has been sold to date and what has worked. Given that the service offering is simple to understand it will not take long to learn the nuances of the offering. We have a lead research capability that we are in the process of ramping up which will be able to provide cold lead details to pursue. 

This engagement is a trial to test the candidate for a long term ongoing engagement which will include uncapped incentives based on performance. The company behind this has been in operation for over 4 years and has been growing continuously without the need for any sales and marketing to date and is already a profitable multi-million dollar operation servicing several tier 1 brands i.e. this is not a startup. Given we know there’s product market fit we are keen to explore what can be achieved when we are proactive vs growing through referrals. 

The ideal candidate has experience selling marketing related services/products/software worth at least $1K a month and above. 

When applying please provide at least 3 examples of campaigns (ideally B2B ones) you have worked on, outlining for which market, how did you perform and how did you identify and pursue prospects? Average sale worth: $3500 per month Commission: $3,150 per sale

Languages Required

Industry Experience Required

Sales Skills Required