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List short term consulting roles or sales trials on Sellcrowd and pay just 10% on top of the contract rate.

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Flat fee recruitment service for all sales roles including full time, part time, commission only and consulting.

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Qualify and convert leads faster with the Sellcrowd App.

Improve lead response time and reduce lead decay.

From $1.55 per minute or $25 per hour for trials.



Automate lead sourcing + email outreach for just $1,200 per month.

Qualified Sales Rep to follow up for just $1,500 per month.

Fully managed sales with Enterprise solution.

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*All successful hires on Sellcrowd have 10% added to the hourly rate which excludes credit card fees and invoicing fees

**Sellcrowd is a try before you buy marketplace. The conversion fee is the recruitment fee for taking a salesperson off-platform (hiring them direct).