Rapid International Sales Growth, Made Easy

Rapid International Sales Growth, Made Easy

Sales has been stubbornly local for a while now.

Companies are born in the country of their founder, and there sales remain until revenues grow to such great heights that new infrastructure is affordable in a brand new location, such as office space, furniture, computers, managers and salespeople.

Various back office operations are synchronised and some efficiencies of scale emerge. Global domination begins.

Of course, not every company grows like this. There are some caveats:

  1. You’re a software type of company with a low cost product that doesn’t need salespeople to help lubricate the purchase process
  2. You’ve already won the ‘geographic lottery’ and you’re in America or another big market and you’re happy in your sandbox
  3. You’re a local corner store and this post is irrelevant to your business and you, and you’re not even reading this

For the business owner that does have one eye on global expansion, what is the solution? The hub and spoke model is tremendously expensive and slow. Meanwhile, competitors are catching up every day, in every other market.

Sellcrowd has a solution.

Sellcrowd is a global marketplace of highly skilled, pre-vetted sales professionals available to hire on a flexible basis – per hour, per day, even per minute. We connect your untapped market potential with skilled salespeople that have pre-existing domain expertise in your industry, in any country you want to expand sales.

There are currently 3,000 registered salespeople on Sellcrowd, 3,000 of which have been vetted. More are joining every single day. We provide a range of sales support tools, including video interviews and the ability to upload your training collateral into the cloud so that every new recruit hits the ground running. This helps to offset our clients’ sales training costs to the pre-hiring phase (your recruiter never thought of that, did they?)

We also help with filling specific sales functions.

Need a cold caller who can make 80 calls a day? We’ve got plenty of them. What about Account Executives that can close deals and have lots of experience with SAAS? We’ve got lots of those too. Perhaps a Sales Manager that can build a team for you and take care of all the hiring, vetting and performance management of a sales team? Yup. We’ve got them also.

If you’re in the market for growing sales for your business (and what business owner doesn’t want to grow sales) then check out our website, list a sales job for free or browse through top sales talent available for hire.

Lloyd Perry

Author Since: July 3, 2019

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