How It Works - For Companies

At Sellcrowd, we’re developing the world’s most effective platform for connecting great companies to great sales talent during moments that truly impact a sale.

Hiring a salesperson full time is just the tip of the iceberg.

Listing a Job (it’s free!)

Part time, full time, commission only and more… any type of sales job is possible with Sellcrowd whether it's an SDR, Cold Caller or Closer you need . You’ll reach a global, sales specific audience of 10,000+ sales professionals that are hungry to help you grow.

Training, Trials, Onboarding & More

Gain more certainty on every hire you make with Sellcrowd through audio bios, video interviews (coming soon) and by creating trials that will truly test the hunger and aptitude of new recruits.

Contract Hiring, Outsourcing & On-Demand

Need something more flexible? Hire salespeople on a contract through Sellcrowd before committing to full time, hire on-demand to respond to leads, or even outsource your entire sales process to a proven team of vetted sales professionals.

Need Leads? We’ve Got Them Too

We’ve spared no expense to ensure every sales hire is successful with Sellcrowd. We offer a range of lead generation packages to make you or your chosen sales hire more productive, and we can even deliver on-demand sales reps built to deliver leads.

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