How to Write a Great Job Posting Every Time (With 5+ Examples!)

One of the things we've found interesting here at Sellcrowd is the number of employers that find it difficult to write an employment ad. To be honest, it’s not something that many people think about in the rapidly growing, two sided marketplace.

When you’re writing a job posting, you’ve really got to know the tools of the trade. Unfortunately it's not as simple as writing 'Work for Us', just like a sales job ad can't simply say 'Sell stuff', obviously!

On the plus side, the internet made every market a buyers-market. With information at our fingertips 24/7, on our laptops and in our pockets, buyers have knowledge and therefore power. In terms of jobs, high attrition rates and economic growth rates fueled by international trade mean everyone's hiring, and job seeking tools are getting better by the day. So, while this is all great, it also means that you need to put in a bit more effort.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the key components to a fantastic job ad!

Catchy Headline

Most employment websites list the titles of their available jobs, and job searchers are browsing that list on an hourly basis. You see, a lame job title means that only the lamest people will read further about the job. Since you don’t want lame employees, make sure that you get creative, and most importantly, be really specific. For example: 'Business Development Manager. Tech Sales with HUGE Comms'

Business Development Manager is a specific role which salespeople will understand the function of. 'Tech Sales' gives a hint towards the industry, and 'Huge Comms' refers to money. Salespeople like money. Don’t be scared to mention details or add a few words in all-caps to really stand out.

Emotive Introduction

An emotive introduction is vital to make sure that you get the successful applicants that you need. Make sure that you start strong, giving the most enticing details of the position first. List a few perks, or the prestige of working with you, or whatever else you think will catch a potential employees eye. Start strong and the rest will follow naturally.

An example of a good start looks like this: “If you want to work in a dynamic environment with flexible hours and room for growth, on a team with enthusiastic, passionate salespeople, then keep reading!”

Your Story

Now that you’ve listed the most captivating points, you need to tell your business’s story. Touch on who you are, how many years you’ve been active, interesting clients that you’ve had and other details that set you apart from every other employer on the job board.

An example looks like this: “We’re a medium-sized business specialising in produce sales. With a strong track-record of employee satisfaction, and five years in the business, we offer stable work-opportunities and the chance to work with big industry names like Woolworths, Young’s Veggie Shed and IGA.”

Captivating Description

Now that your potential employees know the key points or your job, and who they’re applying to work with, consider creating a captivating description. No one wants to read a boring list of bullet points that goes halfway down the page, right? Pick the most essential things about the role, and then focus on working hours, pay and other benefits, to keep the applicant’s attention.

An example looks like this: “Our sales representatives need to be detail-oriented, have good persuasive skills over the phone and have at least 5 years of experience in a corporate sales setting. In exchange, you’ll get access to the best team-support money can buy, flexible working hours and annual upskilling opportunities.”

Strong Recap

A strong recap is a great way to round off the posting and help really hammer home why applicants should choose to apply to your job. This is especially helpful in longer job posts. Pick 5 top, key-points about skills and why the applicant should choose you. This keeps the information fresh in their mind!

A good example looks like this: “With flexible working hours, room for growth and an opportunity to work with cutting-edge botanists, this is the perfect fit for a graduate student looking for internship experience!”

How to Apply

Last, but not least, make sure that the application process is really clear. If you want a specific document, let them know! Tell them if you’re planning on hiring quickly, or if your process takes a few weeks. This ensures that you get candidates that are a great fit, and no one is scared off because they’re unsure about the process.

“You can apply through the application portal link, found at the bottom of this page. We’d like for you to include two references, at least, as well as proof of your qualifications.”

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of job postings on the internet, that go up every single day. You need to make sure that you stand out, if you want to get the really strong candidates applying to your job. Here on SellCrowd, we only work with high quality salespeople, so you want to make sure that you get your job posting right!

Remember, a job posting is not a job description (which is an internal, boring, document!). You’re trying to entice people to work with you and your business, so don’t be afraid to show a little bit of personality!

Ready to write your advert? Check out our job-posting page for more info!