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Appointment setting is a crucial phase of the sales cycle, and a critical one to get right if you want your sales pipeline to flow and predictable revenue for your company. Whether it is booking appointments from a cold lead, or qualifying warm leads, Sellcrowd can help with our streamlined onboarding process that trains and onboards SDR’s before you even press the button to hire them. Simply upload your collateral into our online portal so interested sales reps can start learning your product.

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An SDR For A Fraction Of The Full Time Cost

Hiring an SDR or Appointment Setter is a costly exercise that usually only larger companies can afford. Sellcrowd makes it easy to hire fractional amounts of experienced, pre-vetted SDR’s (Sales Development Representative) so you can scale up your sales sooner, without the typical overheads.

Integrated CRM & Analytics

Ever wondered what your salespeople do all day? Sellcrowd offers a complete VOIP call analytics solution that integrates with major CRMs so you receive full analytics of any remote salesperson you hire. 

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